Page 1: Introduction

uea(su) does not believe that the university should profit from strike action.

Recently the Vice Chancellor announced that the unpaid wages of striking staff would be ringfenced ‘for the benefit of students’ and the Students’ Union would be consulted on how this money is used. We therefore believe students should be consulted on where these funds might be used, and have proposed several possible scenarios. These options are presented in the following survey, and we would like you to indicate the extent to which you agree that the unpaid wages should be used for these purposes.

If you can think of another use for the funds which isn’t captured in this survey, please feel free to submit an alternative.

Claims for financial compensation by students will be considered by the university on an individual basis. Should any of these claims prove successful, the university would have to compensate students, even if the ringfenced wages have been spent elsewhere. For inquiries of this nature, please feel free to get in contact with the Students’ Union Advice Service on 

We assure you that the confidentiality of your response is very important to us and your anonymity will be guaranteed in the reporting of the survey and in any related publications. However, if your response leads us to believe that you pose harm to yourself or others, we have a legal obligation to refer you to or contact relevant services, such as the UEA Student Support Services, on your behalf.

A limited number of SU staff (those with full rights administering our website and directly involved with the survey and it's analysis) will be able to access the responses. Your individual responses will be held securely online and will remain confidential. We will retain your data only for the duration of the research, analysis and any follow-on marketing. All data will be processed in accordance with our existing agreement with you, based on the options you chose when registering on our website and consistent with the principles of the Data Protection Act, 1998.

Answers to all questions, as well as your overall participation in the survey, are provided on a voluntary basis and you can edit or withdraw your information after submission whilst the survey remains open. Once the survey closes, we will be unable to amend or remove your submission. We are not aware of any unmitigated risks associated with this study.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Madeleine Colledge, Postgraduate Education Officer, on